10 Most Valuable Coins of the 21st Century: Collector's Edition

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Certainly! For their rarity, historical significance, and high quality, collectors worldwide covet these ten 21st-century coins:

This coin's limited mintage and perfect Mint State (MS) 70 grade from the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation make it popular with collectors. High value due to exceptional quality and scarcity. 

1. Burnished 2007 W/NGC MS 70 American Gold Eagle 

The 2009 Platinum American Eagle coin, especially the one-ounce version, is expensive due to its low mintage and precious metal content. Collectors and investors covet it for its rarity and value. 

2. Platinum 2009 American Eagle 

Artist Glenna Goodacre designed this special edition Sacagawea Dollar's presentation finish. It is one of the most valuable modern coins due to its limited production. 

3. Goodacre/2000 Sacagawea Dollar Presentation Finish 

Due to its low mintage and first fractional American Buffalo Gold Coin issue, collectors prize the 2008-W. 

4. $25 American Buffalo Gold Coin 2008-W 

Collectors prize the 2004 American Silver Eagle Proof coin's flawless proof finish and low mintage. This date is important in the American Silver Eagle series. 

5. 2004 American Silver Eagle Proof 

Collectors value the 2009-D Zachary Taylor Presidential Dollar due to its low mintage and short lifespan before the presidential dollar series became the Native American dollar series. 

6. Zachary Taylor Presidential Dollar 

Collectors prize this gold coin from the 400th anniversary of Jamestown, Virginia's founding for its historical significance and limited mintage. 

7. Gold coin for Jamestown's 400th anniversary  

This silver dollar coin commemorated the Library of Congress' bicentennial. Its unique design and historical significance attract collectors. 

8. The Library of Congress Bicentennial Silver Dollar 

The 2004-P Thomas Alva Edison Silver Dollar commemorated Edison's 125th anniversary of light bulb invention. Its unique design and low mintage increase its value. 

9. Thomas Alva Edison Silver Dollar: 2004-P  

This gold coin commemorated the Capitol Visitor Center's opening in Washington, D.C. Collectors prize its low mintage and historical significance. 

10. Gold Coin: 2001-W $5 Capitol Visitor Centre 

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