10 Rare Sports Collectibles You Didn't Know Were Valuable

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Certainly! Sports collectibles are beloved by fans and collectors. Here are ten rare sports collectibles you may not know are valuable: 

Due to its limited production and Wagner's objections to its distribution, the T206 Honus Wagner is considered the baseball card holy grail. Million-dollar value. 

1. 1909-1911 Honus Wagner Baseball Card T206 

Its iconic status and Mickey Mantle's popularity make this card desirable to collectors. It's worth hundreds of thousands in mint condition. 

2. 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle Baseball Card 

Sports memorabilia collectors value boxing posters, especially those featuring Muhammad Ali. 

3. 1966 Muhammad Ali-Henry Cooper Fight Poster 

One of the most famous football cards ever. It can cost tens of thousands in perfect condition. 

4. 1935 National Chicle Bronko Nagurski Football Card 

Early World Series programmes are rare and valuable to baseball collectors. 

5. World Series 1903 Programme 

Hockey fans and collectors covet Wayne Gretzky's rookie card. It can fetch tens of thousands in mint condition. 

6. 1979 Wayne Gretzky OPC Hockey Card 

Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley, and Patrick Ewing rookie cards are in this set. Complete sets in good condition can cost thousands. 

7. 1986–87 Fleer Basketball Cards 

Baseballs signed by the 1927 Yankees, known as "Murderers' Row," are rare and valuable. 

8. 1927 Yankees Signed Baseball 

Collectors prize Olympic memorabilia, especially from the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City. 

9. 1968 Mexico City Olympics Torch 

Derek Jeter's rookie card is prized by modern baseball card collectors. It can fetch thousands in good condition. 

10. 1993 Upper Deck SP Derek Jeter Baseball Card 

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