10 Unusual Coins That Are Worth More Than You Think 

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Certainly! Ten rare, historical, or unique coins from around the world may be worth more than you think: 

World War II copper shortages forced the US Mint to strike pennies in zinc-coated steel in 1943. However, a few copper pennies were misminted that year, making them rare and valuable. 

1. 1943 US Copper Penny 

Few George Washington Presidential dollars were released without "In God We Trust" on the edge, making them rare and desirable to collectors. 

2. 2007 US "Godless" Presidential Dollar 

A small number of 1983 2p coins were misprinted "New Pence" instead of "Two Pence." Rare coins are valuable to collectors. 

3. 1983 UK New Pence 2p Coin 

The reverse of this coin has a starfish instead of a Bahamian pineapple. Collectors covet it due to its rare design and small mintage. 

4. The 1970 Bahama Islands One Cent Coin 

An issue with the die caused some 1995 Canadian toonies to have a double rim on the queen's side. Rare error coins can be worth more than face value. 

5. 1995 "Trail Dies" $2 Canadian Coin 

Due to Zimbabwe's hyperinflation, this banknote has the highest denomination ever issued. Rarity and historical significance make it worth more as a collectible than its face value. 

6. Zimbabwe 2008 100 Trillion Dollar Bill 

This unusual penguin-ship coin commemorates the 150th anniversary of British settlement in the Falkland Islands. Limited mintage and unique design make it valuable to collectors. 

7. Falklands 50 Pence Coin 1982 

Instead of raising the Australian flag, Australia incused it into a 50 cent coin in 2000. These coins are rare and valuable. 

8. Australian "Incuse Flag" 50 Cent Coin, 2000 

Some 1973-S Eisenhower dollars were misminted with the 1975-1976 bicentennial coin design. Rare error coins are valuable to collectors. 

9. 1973-S US Eisenhower Dollar 

These coins for the Federal Shooting Festival have intricate marksmanship designs. Swiss coin and shooting memorabilia collectors want their limited mintage and intricate designs. 

10. Swiss Shoot Thaler 1999 

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