1933 Double Eagle – A Coin Shrouded in Mystery: Valued at over $30 million

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Historians and collectors love the 1933 Double Eagle coin, which combines history, art, and mystery. The complex history of this $30 million coin is as intriguing as its design. 

During the Great Depression, the US minted the Double Eagle in 1933. Philadelphia Mint issued it as part of the Gold Eagle series, which began in 1907. The coin features Liberty and an eagle by Augustus Saint-Gaudens.  

1. Legend Origin 

Roosevelt abruptly recalled gold coins in 1933 to stabilise the economy. Get the country off the gold standard was his goal. The majority of 1933 Double Eagles were never released and were to be melted down.  

2. Great Gold Recall 

A famous 1933 Double Eagle belonged to Egypt's notorious coin collector King Farouk. While unaware of its illegality, the U.S. government licenced the coin for export. 

3. The King Farouk Connection 

Legal battles followed the 1933 Double Eagle's return. As collectors and dealers fought for the coin, the U.S. government claimed ownership. Years of litigation ended with a private coin ownership. 

4. Legal Battles 

June 2021's Sotheby's sale of the 1933 Double Eagle broke all records at $18.9 million. This sale proved the coin's cultural and historical value. Story and mystery surround the coin, making it appealing beyond its rarity and beauty. 

5. Record sales 

Not only is the 1933 Double Eagle coin rare, it represents a turbulent time in American history. The U.S. Mint to record auction story is full of mystery, legal intrigue, and history. 


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