3 Rare Bicentennial Quarter Worth Nearly Around Buying A ‘MINI COOPER’ Special Edition Worth $250,000

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Coin collecting yields many surprises and valuable treasures. 1975–1976 Bicentennial Quarters are special. Some quarters commemorating the 200th anniversary of American Independence are rare gems worth nearly $250,000. 

Bicentennial Quarter Double Die Obverses are rare. This error coin with double lettering and design is a collector's dream. Its rarity and demand can boost its value.  

1. Double Die Obverse Bicentennial Quarter 

The San Francisco Mint produced few silver-proof Bicentennial Quarters. Rare and historic 40% silver coins are struck.  

2. San Francisco Mint Silver Proof 

Misaligned coin blanks and dies cause off-center strikes. Collectors prize rare Bicentennial Quarters with significant off-center errors. Coins are worth more with larger errors.  

3. Off-Center Strike Quarter 

Coins struck over others are rare and valuable. A pre-minted Bicentennial Quarter overstruck can be valuable. Uniqueness and story make coins valuable, possibly worth a significant portion of a Mini Cooper Special Edition's price. 

4. The Overstruck Bicentennial Quarter 

The Bicentennial Quarter has a colonial drummer, a rare coin with distinctive drum lines. Collectors value ‘Full Drum Lines’ quarters more. A rare mint example could help you buy a Mini Cooper Special Edition. 

5. Full Drum Lines Bicentennial Quarter 

Bicentennial Quarters are usually 25 cents, but these are rare. These coins are rare and historically significant, making them valuable. Collectors compare finding a rare quarter to driving a Mini Cooper Special Edition. 


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