5 Coins With Secret Messages And Their Meanings

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Numismatics is a treasure hunt for hidden stories, not just dates and mint marks.  Some coins with secret messages invite us to decipher them. 

Our journey begins with the Dutch East India Company Duit. The ship on these 17th-century coins hides a secret code. What message do these vessels convey over time? 

1. The Dutch East India Company Duit

Duit coins have ship sail letters and numbers.A floating puzzle, the ship invites us to discover maritime history.Sailors' languages or ship destinations may be the secret code. 

Sailing the Cryptic Seas: The Hidden Code of Duit

Let's examine The Widow's Mite, a biblical coin. In addition to its historical and religious significance, the design hides a timeless story. 

2. The Widow’s Mite

A widow's portrait and a handful of grains symbolise sacrifice and humility in the Widow's Mite. Showing selfless giving and valuing small contributions is the hidden meaning. 

A Widow’s Offering: Decoding the Symbolism

Ever heard of Swedish Plate Money? Each 17th-century currency plate had a secret language and was massive metal. Let's reveal these heavy coins' stories. 

3. The Swedish Plate Money

Swedish Plate Money has a runic code that often indicates the minting location. The plates seem like ancient scrolls, preserving past whispers in cryptic language. 

A Plate of Whispers: The Rune Code

Let's travel to early America with The Brasher Doubloon. In addition to its rarity and value, this coin has a mysterious message on its eagle's breast. 

4. The Brasher Doubloon

Ephraim Brasher, the coin's creator, is believed to have left a small punch on the eagle's breast. It gives this historical coin personality like a time-stamped signature. 

Punching through Time: The Brasher’s Secret Mark

Vietnam and its intriguing “Cash” coins are our final stop. These tiny, holed coins hold a secret wish for luck. 

5. The Vietnamese “Cash” Coin

The central hole in Vietnamese “Cash” coins represents Earth, while the square represents Heaven. Holding a miniature universe with the coin connecting heaven and earth brings prosperity. 

The Hidden Message of “Cash” Coin

The stories in these coins show that numismatics goes beyond metal value. Each coin whispers history, culture, and personal stories, inviting us to decipher them. 

Decoding the Whisper

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