An uncommon bicentennial quarter valued at almost $100 million: Worth Over $40+ Million USD Are 3 More


The 1976 Bicentennial Quarter, commemorating 200 years of American freedom, is worth about 25 cents. Rare variants of this quarter are worth approximately $100 million.  



The $100 Million Bicentennial Quarter

The minting fault and historical importance of this coin make it valuable. Misalignment during minting caused an apparent double strike.  

The 1932 Washington Quarter, coined to mark George Washington's 200th birthday, has also sold for nearly $40 million. Limited minting in the early Great Depression made this quarter scarce.  



The 1932 Washington Quarter

Both its historical importance as the first quarter to show a prior president and its rarity, especially uncirculated, make it desirable.  

The 1796 Draped Bust Quarter, worth approximately $40 million, commemorates the US Mint's early years. A few hundred of these quarters are estimated to have been coined.  



The 1796 Draped Bust Quarter

Its antiquity, historical importance, and fact that it was one of the original US quarters make it valuable. This quarter is sought for by professional collectors because to its stunning Draped Bust of Liberty design. 

Its stunning design and rarity make the 1916 Standing Liberty Quarter worth over $40 million. Few high-quality examples of this quarter remain since it was issued briefly.  



The 1916 Standing Liberty Quarter

Lady Liberty with a flowing robe is one of the most stunning U.S. coin designs. This rare and beautiful quarter is one of the most sought after in numismatics. 

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