Diversifying Investments: Considering the Canadian Dollar in a USD-Dominated Portfolio 

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Diversifying investments with the Canadian Dollar (CAD) in a USD-dominated portfolio can expose investors to different economies, currencies, and asset classes. Considerations for adding CAD to a USD-dominated portfolio 

Holding assets in multiple currencies can reduce currency risk and hedge exchange rate fluctuations. Investors can benefit from CAD/USD exchange rate changes and reduce USD exposure by including CAD-denominated assets. 

1. Currency Diversification

CAD-denominated assets expose investors to the Canadian economy, which may have different growth drivers, industries, and market dynamics than the US. Risk can be spread and portfolio resilience improved by diversification. 

2. Exposure to Canadian Economy

Currency movements are affected by the US Federal Reserve-Bank of Canada interest rate differential. Investors may benefit from higher Canadian or US interest rates by holding CAD-denominated assets. 

3. Interest Rate Differentials

Canada exports lots of oil, gas, and minerals. CAD investments can benefit from global commodity market movements. 

4. Commodities Exposure

As with the USD, the CAD can hedge inflation. A portfolio with CAD-denominated assets can preserve purchasing power and reduce inflation. 

5. Inflation Hedge

Canadian and US politics and geopolitics affect currency and asset prices. Diversifying currencies and jurisdictions reduces geopolitical risk and stabilises portfolios. 

6. Geopolitical Considerations

Based on your investment goals, risk tolerance, and time horizon, choose the best CAD-denominated asset mix. Canadian stocks, bonds, REITs, and ETFs offer market exposure. 

7. Asset Allocation

Foreign asset investments require consideration of withholding taxes, capital gains taxes, and reporting requirements. Talk to a tax advisor about CAD-denominated assets in your portfolio. 

8. Tax Implications

Currency hedging may reduce currency risk and protect portfolio returns, depending on your investment strategy and currency outlook. 

9. Currency Hedging

Regularly monitor the performance of CAD-denominated assets relative to USD-denominated assets and rebalance your portfolio to maintain your asset allocation and risk profile. 

10. Monitoring and Rebalancing

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