Do You Own This Rare Quarter Worth Up To $95,000?

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History, art, and treasure hunting combine in coin collecting. Several rare and valuable coins stand out. Rare quarters cost $95,000. This article discusses this rare quarter's fascinating history, traits, and value. 

Numismatic prize: 1932-D Washington quarter. It was rare because only 436,800 were minted during the Great Depression. George Washington's iconic profile appeared in this quarter for his 200th birthday. 

1. Washington Quarter 1932-D 

The 1932-S Washington quarter is another Denver-like rarity. The San Francisco Mint produced 408,000 coins. This coin is rarer because few were well preserved. Collectors prize the 1932-S for its rarity and historical significance.  

2. Washington Quarter, 1932 

Composition makes the 1943-S Washington quarter unique. During WWII, nickel was in high demand, so silver quarters were made. San Francisco's 1943-S was scarce in good condition due to its low mintage. 

3. The 1943-S Silver Washington Quarter 

The 1950-D/S Washington quarter had Denver's mintmark over San Francisco's, a rare error. Rare for collectors, this error was discovered years later. Small details like the overmintmark increase coin value.  

4. 1950-D/S Overmintmark Quarter 

A few 1970-S proof Washington quarters were struck on 1941 Canadian quarters by mistake. This error produced a rare double-dated coin. The mint mix-up produced a rare coin with a fascinating history. 

5. 1970-S Washington Quarter on 1941 Canadian Quarter 

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