Rare Bicentennial Quarter Worth Nearly $40 Million USD: 6 More Worth Over $160,000

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Coins bring small fortunes and surprises. A 1976 Bicentennial Quarter honours American independence. Bicentennial Quarters average 25 cents, but rare ones fetch $40 million USD.  

Numerical marvel The Bicentennial Quarter sold for $40 million. A drummer boy and a 13-star torch adorned this 1975–1976 special edition quarter. Its rarity and condition make this quarter valuable.  

1. $40M Bicentennial Quarter 

Rare 1932-D Washington Quarters cost $160,000+. Denver made fewer Washington quarters in the first year. Collectors adore rare mint quarters. It's appealing and valuable as the first in a Great Depression-era series. 

2. 1932 Washington Quarter 

Like the Denver mint's 1932-S Washington Quarter, pristine San Francisco coins cost over $160,000. This coin is rarer because San Francisco made fewer quarters in 1932 than Denver. 

3. 1932 Washington Quarter 

Early American history: Draped Bust Quarter (1796). Age, history, and rarity make this quarter worth over $160,000. An early US quarter with a small eagle on the back. Its design and limited production attract serious collectors. 

4. 1796 Bust Quarter Draped 

Rare and valuable, the 1804 Draped Bust Quarter costs over $160,000. Instead of the small eagle, it has a heraldic one on the back. Melting and low mintage make the 1804 quarter rare. Coin collectors value its rarity and history. 

5. 1804 Bust Quarter Draped 

Unique 1823/2 Capped Bust Quarter costs over $160,000 with an overdate error. This error and limited mintage make it rare. Rare and early minting make this quarter valuable to collectors. 

6. 1823/2 Bust Quarter Cap 

The Carson City mint's 1870-CC Liberty Seated Quarter is another rare $160,000 find. The Carson City mint's history and low coin production make it rare. Wild West history draws collectors to this quarter. 

7. Liberty Seating Quarter 1870-CC 

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