Rare Bicentennial Quarter Worth Nearly $49 Million USD: 9 More worth over $799,999 Gems


Famous as the “King of American Coins,” the 1804 Silver Dollar is rare. The coin's date is incorrect; most were produced in the 1830s as diplomatic gifts.  



The 1804 Silver Dollar: A Numismatic Legend (Estimated Value: $3.8 Million USD)

Famous and precious coins include the 1913 Liberty Head Nickel. This coin, one of five with Lady Liberty in profile, was sold for $4.5 million USD in private transactions. 



1913 Liberty Head Nickel: A True Rarity (Estimated Value: $4.5 Million USD)

The first US silver dollar was the 1794 Flowing Hair Dollar. Rare and historically significant, its estimated worth of $10 million USD makes it coveted by collectors. 



1794 Flowing Hair Dollar: America’s First Silver Dollar

The 1933 Double Eagle has a fascinating and stormy history. The U.S. Mint made many gold coins, but most were melted. Some survived, and one sold for $7.6 million USD at a 2002 auction. 



The 1933 Double Eagle: A Legal Controversy

The classic 1804 Bust Dollar is another “King of American Coins” rarity. Survivors of diplomatic mintings are prized. A public sale of one coin raised $4.1 million USD. 



1804 Bust Dollar: The “King of American Coin

The 1907 Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle Ultra High Relief is numismatic art. This coin, designed by Augustus Saint-Gaudens, may sell for $3 million USD at auction. 



1907 Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle Ultra High Relief: A Masterpiece in Gold

The 1796 Draped Bust Dime shows that small denominations may be valuable. This dime's $1.8 million worth shows early American coinage's scarcity. 



The 1796 Draped Bust Dime: A Rarity in Small Denominations 

The mystery coin is the 1870-S Seated Liberty Dollar. Only nine copies survive, and its estimated worth of $1.5 million USD shows the appeal of rare numismatic gems. 



1870-S Seated Liberty Dollar: An Enigmatic Rarity 

Wartime shortages forced the U.S. Mint to make steel Lincoln Cents in 1943. Some were inadvertently struck in bronze, producing an unusual coin.  



1943 Bronze Lincoln Cent: A Misstep in Minting

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