Rare Bicentennial Quarter Worth Nearly $50 Million USD: 6 More Worth Over $600,000

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Collectors were shocked to learn that the rarest and most valuable Bicentennial Quarter is worth nearly $50 million. The mint errors and historical significance make this quarter unique.  

1. The $50 Million Bicentennial Quarter

On a 1941 Canadian quarter worth over $600,000, a minting error overstruck this Bicentennial Quarter This rare quarter has two coins and commemorates the Bicentennial.  

2. The Overstruck Error Quarter

Over $600,000 rare Bicentennial Quarter with off-center strike. The design is off-center due to minting error. Minting errors are rare and valued by collectors. 

3. The Off-Center Strike Quarter

The double die reverse error distinguishes this $600,000 Bicentennial Quarter. The error doubles the reverse elements, making a rare coin. Numismatists value double die errors for their rarity and visual effect. 

4. The Double Die Reverse Quarter

The copper layer underneath a Bicentennial Quarter without its clad layer is another rare find worth over $600,000. Fabrication error: nickel-clad layer not applied.  

5. The Missing Clad Layer Quarter

A minting error caused the full brockage Bicentennial Quarter to be struck against another coin instead of the minting die, worth over $600,000. This matches the coin's one-sided design, making it rare and intriguing.  

6. The Full Brockage Quarter

Major error Bicentennial Quarter proofs can sell for over $600,000. Carefully struck collector-friendly proof coins rarely have errors. An incorrect metal composition or significant misstrike makes a Bicentennial Quarter rarer and more valuable. 

7. The Proof Error Quarter

The Bicentennial Quarter series of rare coins is fascinating due to its rich history and unique designs. Most are worth their face value, but rare errors and anomalies have made some quarters worth much more.  


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