Rare Bicentennial Quarter Worth Nearly $65 Million: 5 More Worth Over $25 Million USD

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Coin collecting yields surprises and fortunes. Bicentennial Quarter, released to celebrate America's 200th anniversary, stands out. Quarters average 25 cents, but rare ones fetch millions. 

Rare Bicentennial Quarters cost nearly $65 million. The 1976 quarter is historic and currency. This quarter's minting error and pristine condition make it valuable.  

1. $65M Bicentennial Quarter 

Numismatic marvel the Double-Struck Quarter costs over $30 million. This quarter was struck twice in a rare minting error, creating overlapping images visible to the naked eye.  

2. Quarter Double-Struck 

Off-center strikes characterise another $28 million quarter. The 1976 Bicentennial Quarter was 15% off-center, rare. Rare due to off-center strike and silver composition.  

3. The Off-Center Silver Quarter 

Minting errors are appealing, as the $27 million ‘No S’ Quarter shows. San Francisco Mint's ‘S’ mint mark should be on this quarter. A minting error omitted the ‘S’. This error and limited production make it rare. 

4. The Misprinted ‘No S’ Quarter 

Detail and quality distinguish the $25 million Full-Step Tail Quarter. Other quarters have worn or poorly struck Independence Hall images, but this quarter had full steps. Clear, sharp steps indicate the coin's mint condition and rarity. 

5. Full-Step Tail Quarter 

Finally, the $25 million Rainbow Toned Quarter is famous for its colour. Metal interaction with its environment has given this quarter a natural, multicoloured tint. Collectors who value history and beauty like this toning. 

6. Colourful quarter 

Rare quarters are fascinating and profitable. Bicentennial Quarters are history, not currency. The rarity, condition, and unique errors and characteristics make them valuable artefacts.  


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