Rare Bicentennial Quarter Worth Nearly $90 Million: 3 More Worth Over $10 Million USD

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Coin collecting includes surprises and treasures, some of which are valuable. American independence is commemorated by coins like the 1976 Bicentennial Quarter. 

A rare Bicentennial Quarter auctioned for nearly $90 million. Rare and unique quarter. A rare minting error and pristine condition distinguish it. A slight minting misalignment or double-strike made this quarter unique. 

1. $90M Bicentennial Quarter 

Another double-struck quarter is over $10 million. The minting press stamped the quarter twice, slightly offsetting each imprint. This misalignment creates a rare, beautiful coin collectors want.  

2. Quarter Double-Struck 

The $10 million off-center Bicentennial Quarter shows minting errors' appeal. Off-center images result from coin blanks not aligned with dies during striking. A rare off-center strike makes this quarter special.  

3. The Off-Center Bicentennial Quarter 

An over $10 million misprinted Bicentennial Quarter concludes. Misprints may have misaligned layers or incorrect colour. Collectors noticed this quarter among millions due to its unique misprint.  

4. Misprinted Bicentennial Quarter 

Rare quarters show minting and history. Unique errors and historical significance make these Bicentennial Quarters American artefacts, not currency. Besides rarity, their astronomical values reflect their stories and era.  


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