Rare Bicentennial Quarter Worth Nearly $90 Million: 5 More Worth Over $30+ Million USD

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Coin collecting yields unexpected treasures. The Bicentennial Quarter commemorates American independence. Rare quarters can fetch a fortune, but most are worth 25 cents. 

The nearly $90 million Bicentennial Quarter amazes coin collectors. A 1976 America's 200th birthday special edition included this quarter. This coin is valuable due to unusual errors and rarity.  

1. $90M Bicentennial Quarter 

The $40 million 1932 Washington Quarter is prized. The one-year Washington quarter series commemorated George Washington's 200th birthday. However, its popularity made it a regular issue.  

2. Washington Quarter 1932 

A $35 million 1796 Draped Bust Quarter is from early American history. One of the first US quarters. The reverse depicts Lady Liberty with flowing hair and a small eagle, reflecting the era's art.  

3. Draped Bust Quarter 1796 

The mint mark makes the $34 million 1870-CC Liberty Seated Quarter rare. CC represents Carson City, a short-lived mint. This quarter's Liberty Seated series shows Lady Liberty on a rock.  

4. Liberty Seated Quarter 1870 

This $32 million quarter is numismatic treasure. Overdated 1823/2 Capped Bust Quarters were struck over 1822 quarters. This error and limited mintage make it rare. The early 19th century Lady Liberty had a cap. 

5. Capped Bust Quarter 1823/2 

Its design and rarity make the 1916 Standing Liberty Quarter worth over $30 million. Standing Liberty coins were scarce in its first year. The quarter depicts Lady Liberty with a shield and olive branch, symbolising peace and readiness. 

6. 1916 Standing Liberty Quarter 

These rare quarters are history and currency due to their stories and traits. American coins' rich history and hidden value are highlighted. Collectors see these coins as treasures that capture memories and leave a legacy. 


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