Understanding the Exchange Rate: Canadian Dollar to US Dollar

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Cross-border transactions, international trade, and travel between Canada and the US require knowledge of the Canadian Dollar (CAD)-US Dollar exchange rate. Here are some CAD to USD exchange rate basics: 

Exchange rates are used to convert currencies. A currency's value in relation to another. If CAD/USD exchange rate is 1.25, 1 Canadian Dollar equals 1.25 US Dollars. 

What Is an Exchange Rate?

Currency trading on the foreign exchange market sets exchange rates. Exchange rates are affected by supply and demand, interest rates, inflation, economic indicators, geopolitical events, and market sentiment. 

How Exchange Rates Are Set 

Spot and forward exchange rates are the current market rate for immediate currency exchange and the future exchange rate agreed upon for a future date, respectively. 

Exchange Rate Types 

Exchange rates can be floating or pegged. In a floating exchange rate system, market forces set rates. Governments or central banks set and intervene in the foreign exchange market to maintain a fixed exchange rate. 

Floating vs. Fixed Exchange Rates

Exchange rates affect international trade and investment. Canadian imports are cheaper for Canadians but more expensive for US consumers when the CAD is stronger.  

Trade and investment impact 

People and businesses converting CAD to USD or vice versa may incur exchange rate spreads, transaction fees, and other charges from banks, currency exchange providers, and credit card companies. 

Costs of converting currencies  

Exchange rate fluctuations can threaten international trade and investment firms. Forward contracts and options can reduce exchange rate risk by locking in future exchange rates. 

Exchange Rate Risk

Businesses and individuals should track exchange rate trends and currency movement factors to make informed currency conversion, trade, and investment decisions. 

Tracking Exchange Rates 

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