10 Most Valuable Pennies in Circulation: Check Your Change Now!

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While some pennies are valuable, most are worth face value or more to collectors. However, rare pennies may be worth checking in your change. Ten of the most valuable pennies are:

To conserve copper for WWII, pennies were minted in zinc-coated steel. Several bronze pennies were minted incorrectly. They're rare and valuable. 

1. Bronze 1943 Lincoln Cent  

The lettering and date on this coin double on the obverse. This variety is popular with collectors. 

2. Die Lincoln Cent Doubled 1955 

Key Lincoln cent dates include the 1909-S VDB penny. Designer Victor David Brenner's initials "VDB" are on the back. 

3. VDB Lincoln Cent: 1909-S  

The 1914-D penny's low mintage and scarcity make it valuable. This date is important in the Lincoln cent series. 

4. 1914-D Lincoln Cent 

Some 1922 Lincoln cents lacked the Denver mint mark "D". These "No D" varieties are prized by collectors. 

5. 1922 No D Lincoln Cent 

The 1955 Lincoln cent with minor doubling is less noticeable than the official Doubled Die variety. It remains valuable to collectors. 

6. Lincoln Cent: 1955 Poor Man's Doubled Die  

The 1969-S Lincoln cent has distinctive doubling on the date and other obverse elements. A rare and valuable variety. 

7. Die Lincoln Cent Doubled 1969-S 

Similar to other doubled die varieties, the 1972 Lincoln cent has obverse doubling. Highly sought after by collectors. 

8. Die Lincoln Cent Doubled 1972 

In 1983, a few Lincoln cents had doubling on the back, especially in the lettering. This is valuable to collectors. 

9. 1983 Lincoln Cent Doubled Die Reverse 

The 1995 Lincoln cent's obverse date and other elements double. Though less popular than earlier doubled die varieties, collectors value it. 

10. 1995 Die Lincoln Cent Doubled 

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