Rare Bicentennial Quarter Worth Nearly $30 Million USD: 6 More Worth Over $150,000

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Coin collecting yields surprises and small fortunes. A special 1976 Bicentennial Quarter commemorates 200 years of American independence. Although most quarters are worth 25 cents, rare Bicentennial Quarters can fetch huge prices.  

The rarest quarter is a Bicentennial design in 90% silver and 10% copper instead of copper-nickel. With its double strike and off-center alignment, this quarter sold for nearly $30 million at auction.  

1. $30M Bicentennial Quarter 

This Bicentennial Quarter's off-center strike makes it a collector's dream at over $200,000. Minting usually detects such errors, but this quarter escaped, making it rare. An error in the design makes it stand out and increase its value. 

2. The Off-Center Bicentennial Quarter 

A rare Double-Die Obverse Bicentennial Quarter costs over $175,000. Misalignment of the coin's design die during minting created a double image. Collectors like this error because of its rarity and clarity. 

3. Obverse Quarter Double-Die 

A Bicentennial Quarter with full drum lines on the back depicting Independence Hall can sell for over $150,000. Due to its sharp and complete drum lines, which are often worn down or poorly struck in other quarters, this design is valued.  

4. Drum Lines Full Quarter 

Erroneous San Francisco Mint proof quarters cost $160,000. Errors are rare because proof coins are accurately struck and checked. This quarter's misaligned die and design doubling make it rare and valuable. 

5. San Francisco Mint Proof Error Quarter 

A ‘No S’ Bicentennial Quarter can sell for over $150,000 without the San Francisco Mint mintmark. Proof coins without mintmarks were mistakenly struck. Proof coin errors make these quarters rare and valuable. 

6. The No S Mintmark Quarter

Silver Bicentennial Quarters are worth over $150,000. With silver quarters scarce at the time, this error makes the coin rarer. Collectors treasure these oddities. 

7. Silver Composition Quarter Error 

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