Rare Bicentennial Quarter Worth Nearly $350,000 USD : 6 More Worth Over $5,000+

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Coin collecting is a fascinating history, art, and economics hobby. Bicentennial quarters with unique features or errors are popular.  

The Double Die Obverse bicentennial quarter is popular. Date and “IN GOD WE TRUST” are doubled on this error coin. The coin is doubled when the die strikes it twice in slightly different positions during minting. 

1. Double Reverse Quarter 

Another rare find is the Off-Center Strike quarter. Off-center image due to coin blank misalignment with die. Some coins with significant misalignment are more valuable because they have the date. 

2. Off-center strike quarter 

Bicentennial quarters rarely strike over previously minted coins. This error creates two coin designs, which collectors love. Quarters can cost over $5,000 depending on overstrike clarity and coin condition. 

3. Overstruck Quarter 

Composition makes these silver quarters worth more. Uncirculated silver bicentennial quarters with unique features or errors can sell for over $5,000. 

4. The Silver Composition Quarter 

Full Drum Lines is a bicentennial quarter with clear drum lines on the back. Details like this indicate a new die strike early. High-quality rare quarters can sell for $5,000. 

5. Drum Lines Full Quarter 

The Rainbow Toned bicentennial quarter is multicoloured. Coins tone naturally due to environmental factors. Collectors value rainbow-toned bicentennial quarters over $5,000 for their beauty. 

6. Colourful quarter 

The American independence bicentennial quarter is popular with coin collectors. Most are common and worth face value, but a few rare specimens have unique features and errors. 


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