2 Rare Dimes And rare Bicentennial Quarter Worth $15 Million Dollars Each Are Still in Circulation

2 Rare Dimes And rare Bicentennial Quarter Worth $15 Million Dollars Each Are Still in Circulation: In the world of numismatics, stories about hidden treasures and common but valuable coins catch the attention of both collectors and enthusiasts.


2 Rare Dimes And rare Bicentennial Quarter Worth $15 Million Dollars Each Are Still in Circulation

A rare coin can be found in everyday transactions, which makes the hunt more exciting. There are a lot of stories about people finding valuable things. Two rare dimes and a bicentennial quarter are still in circulation, and each one could be worth a huge $15 million.


Unveiling the Rare Dimes

The 1894-S Barber Dime is the first of these hard-to-find treasures. This dime, which was made in San Francisco, is one of the rarest coins and is very popular with coin collectors. In the world of coins, the 1894-S Barber Dime is very valuable because there are only 24 known examples.


Even though it’s not common, people have sometimes found this valuable dime in their loose change without even realising it. It is the second rare dime. It is the 1916-D Mercury Dime. This coin, which was made in Denver, has important historical and monetary value.

Because only 264,000 of the 1916-D Mercury Dime were made, it is very rare and collectors want to get their hands on one. Its unique look, with the symbolic figure of Liberty wearing a hat with wings, makes it even more appealing. Even though this dime is hard to find, reports of it showing up in everyday transactions keep people excited about its discovery.


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The Bicentennial Quarter

The Bicentennial Quarter is another rare coin that is said to be in circulation, along with the dimes. The Bicentennial Quarter was made in 1976 to honour the 200th anniversary of the United States. It has a unique design on the back that shows a colonial drummer.


Millions of these quarters were made, but some very rare ones sell for astronomical amounts because they are so rare and have special features. The 1976 Bicentennial Quarter was made on a copper-nickel clad planchet that was meant to be used for the Eisenhower Dollar.

It is one of these rare types. This mistake coin, called a “wrong planchet error,” is very hard to find and collectors really want it. The 1976 Bicentennial Quarter struck on the wrong planchet is one of the holy grails of modern numismatics. Few are thought to exist.


The Hunt Continues

Even though these rare coins are worth astronomical amounts of money, they are still treasures that have yet to be found. People who collect and are interested in coins dig through their loose change to find these hidden gems. As people try to find the elusive rare dime or quarter that could change their lives forever, normal transactions turn into treasure hunts.



The idea of using rare coins in everyday transactions fascinates and fuels the interests of collectors and enthusiasts all over the world. The stories of the Barber Dime from 1894, the Mercury Dime from 1916, and the Bicentennial Quarter remind us that hidden gems can be found in the strangest places.

Even though their sky-high prices may make it seem like a dream, numismatists are still excited and hopeful about the chance of finding one of these rare coins. When you get change from a transaction, look more closely. You might find a valuable coin worth millions of dollars.

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  1. So the Hunt is on ! The Hunt is on to find a buyer and I think that’s the trick to find a fair buyer that will pay you a fair price kinda for a example I have 1961 quarter no mint Mark and I Read somewhere that one just sold at auction for 10 thousand dollars and
    I actually have got a few of them so I took them to a local coin dealer and I was like is that all he offers me for each one the price of what silver was selling at the time which was about 12 cents a quarter ! So I passed
    So as the Hunt goes on for the coins so does the Hunt for a coin dealer that will be fair !

      • Hi,my name’s Joe n was just jumping in here.🤔I was with PCGS for 3 years and they couldn’t even help me with having any of my reds or error coins graded🧐 even having first one or two i was TO HAV FREE
        So I’m asking as I was forced to retire on Disability and now struggling as lived alone my whole life ,So if I could benefit by parting with some to help me ,Gave up after PCGS .Would try NGS just not in that financial plsce.I have only one graded cent and has president Kennedy i Believe on front.I hav bi cent quarters prob 6-8 some mirror like finish.But was concentrating on cents,also 2 star bills outta circ I grabbed.Most in capsules.Also 1909 vdb no s ,I believe it’s a Matte.but need grades🤔I hav many error cents,also 1917 Wheatie??

        • Well first off. Good afternoon. I myself have so many coins. That. I believe are true mint mistake stamped coins. I try to make a point of posting my supposeably mint mistake coins. On to my tick tock account. And when i do i try to make a point of informing my followers. Of the mistake. I’m seeing on my coin.. Highliging that feature and other features . I believe are mint mistake anomalies my coin happens to have. That i feel were made at the mint. Before leaving the minting press facility. There are two main reasons. I am doing this . And the first. Is to inform. The general public. Of this error. And to see. If i get any feed back from someone. Saying that they have one just like mine. Confirming. Thatit is a mint mistake indeed.

        • Sounds like you’re new in coins ETC. Value. Why don’t you get yourself a few different coin books out on market. Check things out at the library too. Then see what you can do with Heritage auctions place of someone who can want to have it. Go from some advice of the Heritage not pawn shops.

        • When you find an honest person to help you, I would appreciate if you could send me information on that. I have several coins myself and not sure where I should take them or where I should get them graded., I sold a silver dollar with the flowing red white and blue on the coin with some other miscellaneous pieces of jewelry and got a total of $300. Then I find out later that my coin was actually probably worth 300 I’ll buy itself, so I just don’t know who to trust and I could sure use the help. Sincerely, Tammy Melendez.

        • I have a lot of old coins too I have a nickel with an Indian head on one side and a buffalo on the other I also have bicentennial quarters and wheat pennies

    • Send it in the PCGS. Have them grade it and look at it. It’s scary sending something in of such monetary value but very worth it once you have that graded label with your coin. Then you will have no problem at all getting rid of it online, at an auction, or even to someone in person. It’s worth the $$. KY husband and myself have encountered the same issue over the years. Some people just don’t know anything about coins and some are just trying to get one over on you!

  2. I have a rare 1942 mercury dime ..the 1 is under the 4 And the number 2…I also have a bicentennial quarter with a close D mint mark a IN in in god we trust is on top of each other ..the word “AME .”.in America a is connected to each other ..can anyone help me with my coins….Bobby 8182717233

  3. I have 5 bicentennial quarters and one of them is mirror like a proof coin would that make it worth anything and I also have a 1943 silver quarter just wondering if that have any value

  4. I have lots of wheat back pennies and lots of bicentennial quarters how can I tell if they are worth anything. It’s so hard to tell

  5. Hello my name is Chris Young and I have a 1976 Bicentennial Quarter with the Colonial drummer on the back of it. I would like to no how much it’s worth? And if I find the right buyer I would sell it if I can get a fair amount for it. Please someone let me know please thanks.

  6. Hi I have a 1776 – 1976 quarter with the drummer in the back just like the rare quarter that is in the adds . How can I find out if it’s one of the quarter that your talking about.

  7. I have a coin from the Bizzatine times, after much searching, I found it was from the year approx. 999A.D. NO monetary value as has a picture of Jesus on the front and Roman writing I think …🤔 Saying one of his sayings…
    So over a THOUSAND yrs old, no idea where to sell it if it needs graded…? Anyone know if I should do that ?


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